osWiki CMS Web Site Design Packages

$1,500 deposit/web site project specification

...includes the consultation & research to create a detailed specification for your web site project.
Projects requiring complex set-up or custom programming may require a larger specification deposit.

Project Specification

$2,000/design & SEO-optimized template

...if I create your web design(s).


$500/SEO-optimized template

...if I use your supplied design.


I make your pages:

$100/SEO-optimized page

...using your supplied text.


You make your pages:


...with the built-in editor.

Take control of your online business with a Maidix-made web site powered by osWiki CMS! Add, edit, and delete search-engine-optimized web pages -- right in your web browser. With the advanced built-in editor, you don't even need to know HTML.

Start by commissioning an original web design for your site, or by sending in a design that you've purchased from another artist. Next, you can jot down what you want each page in your site to say, including notes on where you'd like to see clipart or a simple form (such as a "contact us" email form), and send it on over! Or, you can opt to enter your own content in. It's up to you!

Don't forget -- you'll need to host your web site once it's created. And once your web site is made, you may care to commission something custom, like an e-commerce system, a graphic, or a Flash animation.

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